In addition to being an accomplished pianist, Emahoy is also fluent in six languages:  Amharic, Ge’ez, French, German, Italian, Hebrew.  That’s not all.  She also knows how to play Organ and Violin, the latter was actually what she studied first while in Switzerland during her childhood.

She also likes to draw as well as write poetry.  We felt we could just give you a glimpse of at least a couple of her sketches here.  Some of her other remarkable arts that are vibrant with colors and have deeper meanings may be displayed on this site soon.  But, we are certain those works will in fact be given as gifts to some of our financial supporters.  Please check on our go fund me page which perks these arts come under by visiting:


The following picture can be found in the 2013 Edition of The Jerusalem Season of Culture book dedicated to Emahoy Tsegie Mariam.