While it’s been quite sometime since we last updated this site, rest assured we were quite busy filming the documentary film in Israel.  I personally felt that I was quite blessed to be picked for this documentary which paved the way not only to visit the Holy Land but also to meet Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou.  I found the 93 years old nun to be witty, in great spirit, and exceptionally welcoming.

We’ve also been putting snippets of what we filmed in the documentary.  What we’ve put out already are quite telling of how rich this documentary is going to be.  This statement begs the question of when is the documentary slated to be shown?  Well, that still depends on how much money we fundraise.  We’ve mentioned in the past that because of budgetary constraints we fount it strategic to do the film in three stages.  Stage 1 entails Israel, which is done.  Stage 2 requires footage and interview materials from Ethiopia, while stage 3 entails Europe.

We had hoped that given the amount of campaign we’ve done since we launched our fundraiser four months ago, we would be financially fit to tackle this important, yet gigantic film project.  Reality is, after four months, we have barely reached $5,000.  Yet, we choose to remain optimistic.